5 July 2023 By truenorthlean23@gmail.com

True North Lean: Cambodia’s First Lean Consulting Firm

Cambodia is a fast-growing economy that has shown remarkable resilience in the face of the global pandemic. It has attracted foreign investment in various sectors, such as apparel, banking, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). However, to remain competitive in the global market, Cambodian businesses need to improve their operational efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This is where True North Lean comes in.

True North Lean is Cambodia’s first lean consulting firm, founded by Vijay Allaham, a seasoned lean practitioner and trainer with over 20 years of experience in implementing lean transformations across the world. True North Lean helps Cambodian businesses adopt the lean philosophy and practices that originated from Toyota, the world’s leading automaker.

Lean is a management approach that aims to eliminate waste, optimize value, and empower people in any organization. It is based on the concept of “True North”, which is the ideal state of perfection that guides all improvement activities and decisions.

True North Lean offers a range of services to help Cambodian businesses achieve their True North, such as:

True North can be expressed in terms of mission, vision, and values that align with the customer’s needs and expectations.

True North Lean offers a range of services to help Cambodian businesses achieve their True North, such as:

  • Lean assessment and diagnosis: True North Lean conducts a thorough analysis of the current situation and identifies the gaps and opportunities for improvement.
  • Lean training and coaching: True North Lean provides customized training and coaching programs to develop the skills and mindset of the leaders and employees in applying lean tools and techniques.
  • Lean implementation and facilitation: True North Lean supports the execution of lean projects and initiatives, ensuring that they deliver tangible results and sustainable benefits.
  • Lean culture transformation: True North Lean helps create a culture of continuous improvement, where everyone is engaged, motivated, and committed to achieving excellence.

By partnering with True North Lean, Cambodian businesses can expect to:

  1.  Increase productivity and profitability by reducing waste, defects, and costs.
  2. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering quality products and services on time and at the right price.
  3. Foster innovation and creativity by encouraging problem-solving, experimentation, and learning.
  4. Boost employee engagement and retention by providing a safe, respectful, and rewarding work environment.

True North Lean is not only Cambodia’s first lean consulting firm, but also its first lean ambassador. True North Lean aims to spread the awareness and adoption of lean principles and practices across Cambodia and beyond. By doing so, True North Lean hopes to contribute to the economic development and social welfare of the country and the region.

True North Lean is ready to help Cambodian businesses reach their full potential.

If you are interested in learning more about True North Lean and how it can help you achieve your True North, please visit www.truenorthlean.org or contact Vijay Allaham at vijay@truenorthlean.org.